International Business Administration in Tallinn

General information

Study period:
 3 years in daytime studies, 3,5 years in session-based studies
Volume of studies: 180 ECTS
Form of study: daytime or session-based studies
Study language: English 
Degree awarded: Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences 

Double Diploma Partner: Lancaster University Management School

The programme is accredited by EFMD with EPAS accreditation.

The International Business Administration programme is designed for people interested in economics and business who wish to acquire professional knowledge and skills to work in an international company or in the public sector. In addition to knowledge of economics and business, the programme also provides very good Business English language skills and an opportunity to specialize in marketing and communication or finance and accounting.

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Our English-language Bachelor’s-level International Business Administration study programme has become the first in Estonia to receive EPAS accreditation – among the highest-level recognition a business programme can receive. Read more HERE.

The programme is recognised by the CFA Institute meaning that our finance courses are taught in accordance with the requirements of CFA Level 1. Topics in the accounting courses are covered in line with the equivalent topics in the ACCA examinations.

One can study International Business Administration in daytime or session-based format. Studies are conducted in English. During the first academic year students gain basic knowledge in the fields of business and management; the second and third academic year will additionally include subjects related to the selected specialization. 

Students interested in exchange studies have an opportunity to choose from a wide list of partner universities

The structure of the curriculum consists of:

  • Core subjects - 73,5 ECTS
  • Special subjects - 82,5 ECTS
    Including: Marketing and communication 24 ECTS or Finance and accounting 24 ECTS or exchange semester 30 ECTS
  • Internship - 6 ECTS
  • Optional courses - 12 ECTS
  • Final exam or thesis - 6 ECTS


The structure of the programme as well as information about each course could be found from EBS Study Information System.

Double Degree from UK

Two degrees from two universities –Estonian Business School (EBS) and Lancaster University Management School (LUMS), plus experience of two countries - Estonia and United Kingdom - will give you many advantages and will be a great stepping stone for your future career.

First two study years you will spend at EBS studying the same curriculum as your EBS schoolmates (in some cases additional mathematics and statistics classes are required for the double degree programme). After completing the second year at EBS and having successfully passed LUMS admission interview you will transfer to Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) in the UK for another two years.


Corporate partners


EBS corporate partner for the International Business Administration Programme is Estonian Service Industry Association which unites knowledge intensive, creative and service enterprises. Over 120 members of the Association in the fields of intelligent business help EBS train the kind of specialists whom such enterprises need.


Additional information