International Business Administration in Helsinki

General information

Study period:
 3.5 years
Volume of studies: 180 ECTS
Tuition fee: 3100 € per semester (final semester ½ price)
Form of study: full-time, session-based studies   
Study Language: English
Place of study: Helsinki and Tallinn
Degree awarded: Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences

EBS students get to travel to Tallinn once per semester (1-2 days)

The International Business Administration programme is designed for students interested in economics and business who wish to acquire professional knowledge and skills to work in an international company or in the public sector. In addition to knowledge of economics and business, the program also provides excellent Business English language skills, and an opportunity to specialize in marketing and communication or finance and accounting.  

Our English language Bachelor’s-level International Business Administration study programme has become the first in Estonia to receive EPAS accreditation – among the highest-level of recognition a business programme can receive. Read more here

The studies are conducted in English and take place mainly on EBS Campus in Helsinki. Students travel once per semester to visit EBS Tallinn’s main campus. In addition to the lectures, the trip is often accompanied with company visits, as well as other networking opportunities.  

The academic title of the degree is Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences. All EBS study programmess are accredited by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research. The Bachelor’s degree is comparable to the same field degree in Finland, as in other European Union countries, as well as with similar international qualifications. EBS Helsinki graduates are granted an official diploma approved by the Republic of Estonia.

Bachelor degree study period completed by the curriculum is 3.5 years. The study format allows for example part-time working, since the studying in EBS Helsinki takes place in sessions.  The session-based studies refer to contact teaching days; lectures and seminars, where the students will meet lecturers. Lectures are organinized three days a week, every other week. Lecture dates are fixed through the studies (Tue/Wed/Sat or Thu/Fri/Sat).  

The academic year in Autumn starts with  contact study days (1-2 days) at EBS Tallinn, and the rest of the semester’s lectures and exams are held at EBS Helsinki. The Spring semester contact study days (1-2 days) at EBS Tallinn are in the middle of the semester. The majority of the lecturers are EBS‘ own lecturers. In addition to this, EBS will provide classes taught by international guest lecturers.  

Our Bachelor´s program provides the opportunity to continue directly to EBS‘ own Master’s programme in Helsinki or Tallinn Campus. The Bachelor’s degree also qualifies to apply for a Master’s degree at other universities around the world. The admission requirements for EBS Master’s programmes takes place according to the rules of the university.  

During the first academic year students gain basic knowledge in the fields of business administration and economics; the second and the third academic year will include subjects related to the selected specialization: Marketing and Communication or Finance and Accounting. In addition, all students complete an internship in accordance with their specialization, which gives practical opportunities to apply and deepen the skills learned during studies.   Students interested in exchange studies have an opportunity to choose from a wide list of partner universities

Double Degree from UK

Two degrees from two universities – Estonian Business School (EBS) and Lancaster University Management School (LUMS). Valuable experience in three different countries England, Finland, and Estonia gives an advantage, and offers a great stepping stone for your future career. Completion of double degree requires at least 4.0 GPA after the first two years of study.  

First two study years you will spend at EBS studying the same curriculum as your EBS schoolmates (in some cases additional mathematics and statistics classes are required for the double degree program). After completing the second year at EBS and having successfully passed LUMS admission interview - you will transfer to Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) in the UK for another two years.