Academical year kick-off - BootCamp

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Our master level students start their academic year with a kick-off - BootCamp. It's an intensive opening course that takes place in a beautiful natural environment in West Estonia, in Roosta Holiday Village and its aim is to supply an in-depth introduction into the structure and outcome(s) of every study programme, and advice on how to plan time during the studies. Of course, the aspect of socializing was of importance as well and aimed to facilitate collaboration and synergy between people with different competencies and ideas at an early stage.

„We started with the Boot Camp format in 2014 when we opened an MBA programme of Business Innovation. The feedback of students and experience of organisers revealed that it was a very motivating and effective way to bring the students up-to-date to the programme and make personal contacts. We believe that it will become a long term tradition of EBS,“ says the Vice Rector for International Collaboration of EBS Toomas Danneberg.

The academic year 2017/2018 will start with the BootCamp on September 15-16 at Roosta Holiday Villages. 


BootCamp programme 2017

Friday, September 15: 
08:45 – Gathering at EBS (Lauteri 3, Tallinn) 
09:00 – Departure from EBS 
11:00 – Arrival at Roosta Holiday Villages, accommodation, welcome coffee (next to Ormsö)  
11:20 – Opening of the Bootcamp, introduction to the Master’s level studies at EBS by Kaire Põder, Vice Rector for Research
12:15 – Study Sessions vol 1 (2 ac/h) 
13:45 – Buffet lunch served in the main hall (Roosta Restaurant) 
14:45 - Study Sessions vol 2 (2 ac/h)  16:15 – Coffee break in the main hall  
16:30 – Study session vol 3 (2 ac/h)  18:45 – 19:30 – Buffet dinner in the main hall  
19:30 – 20:30 Networking Bingo by Ester Eomois in the main hall  
20:30 – Free time: students can spend leisure time or use sauna, play bowling etc. (services at extra cost, more information at,

September 16: 
08:00-09:30 – Breakfast served in the main hall  
09:30 – Study Session vol 4 (2 ac/h) 
11:00 – Coffee break next to the auditorium Ormsö, check out from rooms/ returning the keys to reception 
11:30 – 13:30 – “Digitalization - or in general change in business environment in the next 10-20 years, linked with session, where we try to create something new using LEGO© SERIOUS PLAY©” by Jukka Ala-Mutka, DSc, Serial entrepreneur, speaker, scientist and consultant, and Marko Rillo, PhD, Associate professor at EBS, manager, consultant, trainer and executive coach, founder of global LEGO© SERIOUS PLAY© facilitator community (Ormsö)  
13:30 – Wrap-up  
13:40 – Gathering in car park and taking the belongings to the bus  
13:50 – Buses departure to Tallinn  
15.50 – Arrival to Tallinn, EBS (Finnish students will be taken to ferry terminal) 

*EBS reserves the right to make changes to the BootCamp programme