Business Innovation MBA

Interdisciplinary programme for working professionals.


Study period: 2 years


Volume of studies: 120 ECTS


Form of study: module-based; Thu, Fri, Sat


Study language: English


Degree awarded: Master in Business Administration

Business Innovation is a practical Master’s programme where student teams create companies based on corporate innovation or new venture projects. Developing innovative ideas into successful businesses is very tough. In this program we give you tools and practical hands-on experience of taking ideas and bringing them out to the market. This creates leaders who are capable in seizing the opportunity of the new knowledge-based markets.

  • Innovation week in CERN* 
  • World-class international faculty
  • Multi-disciplinary teams
  • Developing the concept of prototype or design
  • Learning-by-doing format
  • Real-life business cases
  • Co-creation approach

* Innovation week at IdeaSquare in CERN (in Geneva) is an intensive workshop, where multicultural teams of mixed disciplines work on innovation challenges to learn and experience prototyping skills. IdeaSquare is a dedicated test facility at CERN. The purpose of IdeaSquare is to bring together CERN personnel, visiting students, and external project collaborators from the domains of research, technology development and education to generate new ideas and work on conceptual prototypes in an open environment.

mentorite võrgustik

The programme was launched due to the reason that validating new ideas tends to be a bottleneck for companies and often new products/services, that are launched, fail in the market after significant investments have been made. We believe there is  a need for managers who can efficiently launch products and services.

The core of the programme is to provide you full in-depth knowledge and experience how to rapidly develop of an idea into a sustainable business. You go through all phases of business innovation from verifying customer need, developing a business model and growing a company internationally.

Each semester ends with Go/No-Go validation stage, where teams present their business cases to panel of business executives, CEO’s and investors, who help them go forward or terminate the project. Upon graduation the students are prepared to lead innovation units in companies or run their own companies. 

Short description of the curriculum structure:

  • Basic subjects - 36 ECTS
  • Special subjects - 48 ECTS
  • Optional courses - 6 ECTS
  • Master Thesis - 30 ECTS


The curricula of Business Innovation can be found here

The structure of the programme as well as information about each course could be found from EBS Study Information System

Goal of the programme is to:

  • provide experienced specialists, entrepreneurs and managers with knowledge and practical skills in innovation management in knowledge-based business.
  • upon the completion of the programme the students may continue their business activity with the innovation project that was started and developed within of the programme;
  • enable to assess, test and develop the innovative and technology-based business ideas. 

graduates become

Upon successful completion of the programme a graduate can:

  • build, manage and motivate a team;
  • know the principles of financial planning, funding and legislative environment of business projects;
  • be able to develop the marketing-, sales- and negotiation strategies, and be able to present the value offer;
  • be able to analyze and implement innovation strategies and use a business model as a tool for strategic planning and innovation management;
  • have developed one or more business projects in a team and proven the feasibility of a project in the market. 

bimba student profileThe program is suitable for you if you are a high achieving professional, who needs to develop practical and entrepreneurial skills and you want to do it in an international interdisciplinary setting with peers who have the same vision.

Various education backgrounds are accepted. 

Programme is suitable for:

  • Professionals who work or aim to work with innovative projects – responsible or support  bringing new products and services to the market.
  • Project Managers, Middle Managers, Product Managers who want faster advancement in their career or want to create a change within their work environment. 
  • Specialists in technology, design, sales, marketing or product development who want to be more efficient in their work. 
  • "If you are running a team, Project Management gives you the tools to have right details – communication, team building -  in place from the beginning for high performance."
    Liis Narusk

  • "To me, the most practical and competitive training for entrepreneurs and companies in Northern Europe.”
    Tiina Link
    Master student of Business Innovation MBA
    Innovation Norway, Director The Baltics

  • A practical course to the challenging art of negotiating. Received instant take-aways to enhance my personal style of negotiating.
    Petteri Häyrynen

  • "Coaching is a surprisingly powerful tool for listening and guiding your peer as well as for self assessment - the level of depth the course ended was unexpected, but extremely rewarding.
    Petteri Häyrynen
  • It is easy to talk about innovation and renewal, but the hard thing is to take the idea to the organization and get it into practice in order to make a real change.“
    Henry Johansson
    Business Innovation Student
    Development Director Servaali OY

Innovative curricula

The curriculum integrates different techniques for creativity and innovation (team teaching, brainstorming, group work etc). Although the program also teaches theory as such, it always is in service of innovation projects to develop real solutions to real needs in real time.

Team members are matched to each other and to the project based on previous experience and personal characteristics. Teams of 2 to 3 people are in charge and take full responsibility in developing the innovation projects. 


Projects are real-life innovations, not case studies nor theoretical simulations. It is possible that you incorporate a company, initiate a spin-off or create a new business line in your company already during the first semester.

Projects start from ideas, problems or technology and can come from admitted students, partner companies or technology transfer.  


Grete skeems

Throughout the programme, students work on real-life projects derived from the demand industry or initiated by the students themselves.

The programme starts with a Boot Camp - an intensive crash course where the students test out their own ideas. After that the students continue with the proof of their idea and develop their own or industry projects by identifying the customer needs and demonstrating a viable business model. The hands-on team work and experience of this phase prepares students for the next stage.

The proof of Business Model begins with matching innovation projects with student teams. Teams are formed on the basis of competencies and skills, aimed to ensure the best fit to each team member and the project. Students will take an active entrepreneurial role and responsibility in developing the business idea further with the goal to verify the customer need and execute a viable business. Teaching and mentoring is tailored to support the needs of the project and team development.

Corporate partners

  • Konica Minolta BIC (Business Innovation Centres)

Konica Minolta Logo

Through innovation, Konica Minolta creates & shares value with society for the enrichment of people’s lives today and for future generations.  Their Business Innovation Centres collaborate & co-innovate with clients, start-ups, entrepreneurs and academia, establishing a Leading-Edge Partners (LEP) community, in business technologies, digital workplace, information automation & sensing, and digital healthcare.


  • Suntrica Ltd.


Suntrica Ltd. is a pioneer in high-efficiency, portable solar charging solutions. Suntrica's lightweight products provide the most convenient, reliable mobile charging experience. Suntrica chargers are applied in various consumer and professional applications worldwide. 

Suntrica Ltd. has been participating the EBS Business Innovation program through a market and product specific task for the student team. 

"The cooperation has been intensive and with positive attitude. The surveys, studies and analysis have revealed new opportunities for the company. Concurrently some weaknesses and improvement areas have been identified in company’s strategy and business processes. We consider this investment to new innovations and business ideas to be a positive kick to the company and look forward to continue the co-operation further with EBS." (Jouko Häyrynen, Chairman of the board, Suntrica Ltd.)