International Business Administration MA

Master programme for experts in their field!

Study period: 2 years

Tuition fee: € 2600 / per semester 

Form of study: session-based studies

Study language: English

Degree awarded: Master of Arts in Social Sciences

“… too many of the customs, practices and institutions of society were designed for a time that has passed”
(Charles Handy, 2015:4)  

Globalisation and cultural clashes, the digital revolution and job replacement and new paradigms for value creation are the societal challenges we are facing today and in the future. Our Master programmes are designed for you as the leader to learn, understand and tackle the future challenges and train your personal and professional skills for the next leap in your career.

NEW in the 2018 programme!

  • Improved content.
    New specialisation in Technology Governance with the focus on product and service development in the Digital Era.
  • Renewed specialisation.
    The specialisation in Organisational Change and Leadership is renewed from the perspective of digital transformation.
  • Mobility semester – Go Global.
    In your second year you can choose between more than 50 partner universities to spend a semester or two abroad to broaden your business and field-specific competencies and expand your international network.


The programme aims to provide you an in-depth field-specific competencies either in Finance, Marketing, Organisational Development or Technology Governance, balanced with relevant business knowledge and professional skills that the international labour market expects from you in the future. Through blended learning methods and practical approach you will develop your professional skills like critical thinking, problem solving, team-work, creativity being an integral part of the programme. In Finance we have developed part of the content in accordance with the ACCA requirements and in collaboration with CFA Institute to offer you the opportunity to apply for the certificate**. Digital revolution is shaping the organisations and the society as a whole and our role is to understand the opportunities and the scope of change for the businesses in general and for finance, marketing and for organisational development and leadership.

You have four options to master your competencies:

What will you learn:

Upon successful completion of the programme the graduate:

  • Possesses general business competencies and specialized knowledge either in organizational development, marketing, finance or technology governance & product development;Is aware of societal challenges, opportunities, limitations and impact of his or her activities on society, and is able to take this into account in complex context;
  • Has a systematic understanding of the main concepts and research methods of business and management;
  • Is able to critically apply a broad, coherent and in-depth knowledge of foundational and contemporary business theories, models, practical principles and processes in various leadership and expert positions in international context;
  • Has an attitude of critical thinking and open to change accompanied by skills to recognize, formulate and find solutions to complex problems and ability to operate under uncertainty or limited resources;
  • Understand the challenges arising from the technological development of society and be able to assess their impact on their company’s or organisation’s activity and the business field.
  • Displays effective written and oral communication skills in a broad set of contexts;Is able to evaluate his or her or others’ need in further education, professional development and has effective skills for independent study.

Student profile:

  • We expect current and future experts, specialists, consultants and leaders in specific competence areas, team leaders to join the programme.
    • Candidates with the Bachelor`s Degree in Business Administration, Economics or Management or equivalent.
    • Candidates with no prior management of business degree are admitted based on their current competencies and work experience. Candidates may need to take a preparatory or supplementary module prior to and/or during the programme if such a prerequisite is set for admission.  

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