Why Master's Degree

The world around us is changing, and fast. The education system, however, is largely the same as it was decades ago. We no longer need to know how to promote, develop and manage (industrial) businesses the way this was done 20 years ago.  

Estonian Business School is the first university in Estonia where a student can study modern subjects in a modern way in order to be successful in a modern society. At EBS we are open to change and our master’s programmes have been renewed to keep up with the challenges of the modern world. Our International Business Administration MA programme is backed up by valued and recognised international certification. Our MBA in Digital Society programme has a modern and flexible structure so students are always moving with the times.

EBS does not make empty promises or compare itself to the incomparable. We know that EBS graduates are successful. EBS graduates know that school fast-tracks their success stories. If you want, this success can also be yours.

See you at the EBS.

Katri Kerem
Head of MA programme

Toomas Danneberg
Head of MBA programme


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