Organisation of Research

  • Kaire Põder
    Kaire Põder
    Vice Rector for Research, Professor, PhD
    Phone: +372 665 1301
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EBS Statute, EBS Development Plan for 2010-2015 and Research Strategy 2012-2015 create a uniform and organized foundation for the administration of RD at EBS. In compliance with the above, the Senate confirms the strategy for research and approves the annual reports on scientific research. 

The Vice Rector for Research, who is a member of the Senate and Research Council, is responsible for the development and state of research. 

The Research Council is responsible for strategic management of R&D at EBS performs the role of programme committee for the Doctoral Programme in Management. The Council prepares the research strategy, annual research plans, analyses the results, and decides on research partnerships and topics. 

The daily administration of RD, incl. academic organization of the doctoral programme and the preparation of defence of doctoral theses, is performed by the Academic Secretary.

EBS Research Council makes all the strategic decisions concerning research and development activities of the school, and approves the strategy of research for the upcoming period. Research Council also acts as the curriculum committee for the doctoral programme in management being responsible for the development and implementation of the programme.

Members of the Research Council in academic year 2017/18 are: 

  • professor Olav Aarna (chairman),
  • professor Arno Almann,
  • professor Tiit Elenurm,
  • associate professor Alar Kein,
  • professor Katri Kerem,
  • associate professor Meelis Kitsing,
  • associate professor Mari Kooskora,
  • associate professor Riina Koris,
  • professor Peeter Lorents,
  • associate professor Kätlin Pulk,
  • professor Kaire Põder,
  • Mart Habakuk,
  • Maarja Murumägi.

Junior Researcher Kristiina Urb acts as the secretary for Research Council.

  • Olav Aarna
    Olav Aarna
    Chairman of the Research Council, Professor
    Phone: +372 665 1301
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

EBS Senate established EBS Centre for Management Research as a new support structure at 2010. The main tasks of the EBS Centre for Management Research are arranging and coordinating EBS research projects, participating in public tenders associated with EBS research topics, supporting organisation of academic conferences and seminars, finding research partners, developing EBS capacity and capabilities to carry out academic research, and offering support to researchers in grant application process.