Our PhD Students

Name Topic Language of instruction
Hala AbdAllah Faculty Engagement As Precursors of Learner Engagement and Success in Adult continuing Education in Egypt English
Jovana Agu The Impact of Neuro-Marketing Strategies on Overconsumption Induced by Multinational Corporation’s Food Advertising on Children English
Maria Alajõe Riigikogu pädevus riigielu strateegilisel juhtimisel ja arengu suunamisel Estonian, English
Hamed Alavi Risk Management in Documentary Letters of Credit English
M Ruhul Amin Learning and Training Needs Assessment in Changing Organizational Contexts English
Maryna Averkyna The Mechanism of Providing of the Intelligent IT Systems in Public and Private Organizations for Maintenance of the Sustainable Development of Cities and Metropolitan Areas English
Alan Awilkadir Relations between Ability to Sacrifice and Satisfy Stakeholders in Businesses English
Anu Maria Brenner Estonia's Participation in the EU Decision-making Mechanisms - Issues of Governance and Democratic Accountability Estonian, English
Peter Buhanist Endurance of Long-term Oil-indexed Gas Import Contracts in Continental Europe English
Toomas Danneberg Graduates Employability through Development of Professional Skills Estonian, English
Pawan Dutt Intellectual Property Protection as an Element of the Support System for Innovative Entrepreneurship English
Ester Eomois Women On Corporate Boards (WOCB): Corporate Practices. Cross-Cultural Study Estonian, English
Kristiina Esop Positive and Negative Effects of Using Decision-making Heuristics in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Management Estonian, English
Ville Forsby Market Development and Factors Influencing the Market Changes in Steel Frame Building Projects in Nordic Countries English
Nadežda Furs-Nižnikova IT Processes and Software Development Management in Estonian Banking Estonian, English
Nazari Goudin Phenomenon of Retail Upgrade Programs and App Deployment in Nordic Countries Estonian, English
Yakup Güneyli The Usage of Artificial Intelligence in Management of IT Systems English
Külli Hansen Opportunities of Entrepreneurship Education in Developing Growth-oriented Cultural and Creative Industries Enterprises Estonian, English
Olena Huzar Managing the Development of Organisational Culture in Post-soviet Business Schools English
Annika Kaabel Labour Migration in Europe in an Age of Intensified Mobility and Rising Right-wing Extremism Estonian, English
Urmas Kaarlep Impact of Corporate Taxation on Foreign Direct Investment into Special Purpose Entities in Europe Estonian, English
Risto Kask The Influence of Forming Joint Municipalities to Financial Capability of Local Municipality, Based on the Sample of Estonian Administrative-Territorial Reform Estonian, English
Silva Kiili Psychological Contracts: Are There Any Differences among Volunteers and Non-volunteers in the Military Organisations? Estonian, English
Mart Kikas Effectiveness and Efficiency of a Teaching Format Which Aims at Increasing the Level of Business Innovation Competence of Undergraduate Students of European Higher Education Institutions Estonian, English
Marina Kravtšuk Organizational Effectiveness English
Ülli Kukumägi The Use of Nonverbal Communication to Enhance the Composition of Teams in the Workplace Estonian, English
Givi Kupatadze Strategic Management of Economic Development in Post-Soviet Countries: Why Georgia Failed and How Estonia Succeeded English
Ahto Kuuseok Integration of Defense Strategic Decision-Making with Capacity Based Resource Analysis Estonian, English
Juko-Mart Kõlar The Evolution of Business Models in the Music Industry Estonian, English
Allan Lahi The Main Success Implication Factor of Open Innovation in Transition Economies Estonian, English
Eve Lamberg Undergraduate Business Students´ Experiences of Alternative Accounting Procedure Estonian, English
Silja Lassur The Impact of Creative Economy on the Management of Innovation Policy in the Context of Small Countries Estonian, English
Tiina Merkuljeva Implementation of Professional Supervision to Estonian Child Protection System Estonian, English
Maarja Murumägi Local Government and Its Influence on Entrepreneurial Activities: The Case of Estonian Municipalities Estonian, English
Priit Mändmaa Regulatsiooni ja turuavanemise mõju Eesti elektrienergia tootmise ja müügi sektoris Estonian, English
William Nti Marfo Understanding the Effectiveness of the Use of Creative Practices Which Connect the London’s Business Improvement Districts and the Communities to Redefine the Existence of Collaboration in Cultural Tourism Promotion and Management. A Case Study of London Southbank and the Various Cultural Quaters English
Priit Palmiste EU Entrepreneurial Policy and Implementation by the Member States Estonian, English
Jonna Pechter Influence of Information Presentation to Consumer Saving and Retirement Preparation Behaviour Estonian, English
Renee Pesor Interactions between Stock Prices and Managerial Decisions in Publicly Listed Companies in the Baltic and Nordic Stock Market Estonian, English
Edward Rebane Cross-Border Exporting Cooperation and its Opportunities for Increasing Regions International Competitiveness. Case of Estonia and Finland Estonian, English
Leonore Riitsalu How to Influence Managing Long Term Personal Finances? Estonian, English
Juan Sáenz-Diez Praxeological Approach to the Symbiosis of Roboadvisors and Human Managers in the Financial Sector English
Andrew Adjah Sai Strategic Management of Developing e-Estonia English
Marge Sassi Developing Organizational Performance Measurement Tool for Cultural and Creative Industry Organizations using Design Research Estonian, English
Jim Seltenrijch The Influence of Passion and Engagement on Self-organising Scrum Teams and their Performance English
Ragnar Siil Developing Creative Ecosystem and Managing Creative Hubs and Clusters in Transitional Economies - Experience of Tallinn as a Model for Other Post-Soviet Cities Estonian, English
Thea Sogenbits Cybercrime - the Business Models, Value Chains and Business Processes of Cybercrime Estonian, English
Sami Sakari Soinio How Can a Multimedia Online Learning Management System (MOMS) Help to Enhance Learning Experiences while Serving as a Platform for Structuring Information English
Konstantinos Stephanou Diversity Management of Multicultural Teams English
Oliana Sula The Role of International Networks in Establishing a Youth Entrepreneurial Culture: A Comparison between Albania, Estonia and Argentina English
Sirja Sulakatko The Impact of Collaboration in the New Value Creation in Virtual Teamwork Estonian, English
Kristiina Urb Communication and Cooperation between Creative and Common Entrepreneurs Estonian, English
Anne Valk Collaboration between the Institution of Professional Higher Education and its Stakeholders in Supporting the Formation of the Professional Role and Identity of Teaching Staff Estonian, English
Triin Veideman Quality Management in Tourism Destination: Are Quality Labels Out of Fashion? Estonian, English
Kristel Voltenberg Legal Basis of Organizational Forms and Management in Provision of Professional Services Estonian, English
Özge Öz Psychological Contract in Times of Change English