Student Counselling and Career Services

The Career Centre at the Estonian Business School was founded in early 2000 within EBS Student Government. The service has been focused on final-year students as well as undergraduates, basically, on all those who want to prepare for the job market in good time.

Attending university presents an experience that directs and trains an individual in his area of interest while encouraging him to develop his full potential. Alongside carrying out academic commitments, it also provides an opportunity to master communication, presentation, organizational and life skills that help a person build a satisfying and fulfilling life and career.

In order to provide support in the development and improvement of students' academic and career-life skills, the EBS established the new format of Career Service since 2015.

The Career Service offers professional guidance, advice, and orientation to students and graduates, informs students and graduates about the requirements and positions available in the job market, encourages all forms of employment and creates new development opportunities based on good communication with the community at large.

The Career Service organizes various forms of activities within the following areas:

  • counselling related to academic and personal problems
  • career counselling   
  • academic and life skills development (such as communication, social and stress coping skills, as well as learning strategies and time management skills).

In addition to individual counselling the Career counsellor provides students with workshops on the following topics:

  • Self-evaluation
  • Writing a CV and cover letter
  • Interviewing with potential employers
  • development of educational and self-help materials

We welcome those of you who are interested in getting yourselves equipped for the labour market by joining our ambitious programme of Career Workshops once a year. Each workshop is carefully designed to address common career-related concerns and questions. Should you be interested in getting individual career coaching assistance, then this service is also available to all students at the university.
Please contact with us via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.